The Miracle Theatre is created in 2006 by Inés Sarmiento Huerta.

Since the beginning has a dual role to be a children's theater group, creating performances and workshops, and create plays and performances for adults in which to express our particular poetic vision.

Our children's theater drinks from the fountains of physical theater, as is the Commedia dell'Arte, leqoc modern mime, clowning and object theater.

Our work begins as a self-created, based on a script we create improvisations always open, we play with our body creating characters. We played to the transformation of the object.

We created a popular children's theater and entertainment. In each assembly intend to convey a pedagogical message from the script, from play, from the materials.

The adult theater pieces created by Inés Sarmiento, are imbued with the physical theater, object theater, contemporary dance and dance butoh, as they are part of the lessons that the artist has received. With this background as a basis Inés Sarmiento creates its own theatrical language with which to convey your questions, your images ...

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