In the beginning red life. The accumulated matter made a explosion. Organisms together with others organisms, creating new organisms more complex . The life like a party of meetings and mutation. In this party arises the consciousness in the matter and is born the human .

On stage, two women are one, divided in mind and instinct.

A body full of energy that strives to sustain towers. Towers sustained only by the power of the idea. Towers who want to touch the sky and reach the perfection that brings us closer to God.But finally the towers will fall.

And what happens when the idea can not be sustained anymore? What happens in the ruins with the identities that we build? In what layer we have abandoned our essence?

After the collapse is the animal who holds the unstoppable force of life.

"Paradise 0" seeks for the catharsis in which we bless the matter that we are.

"Paradaise 0" seeks celebrate cyclical life.Life that dies and reborn in a moment.

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